Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finally..... an Idea!!!!

I have been pondering over my next quilt design. And after looking at one of my favorite blogs Make Life Sweet I know what I am going to make. Now how long will it take before I actually get started on it? I want to make one for my queen size bed.

These are the fabrics I will be using to make it.

On another note:
I think daily about my blog, designing, and being the little creater that I am. And I get mad at myself when I don't do things that I love. Imagine what I would get accomplished if I wasn't wasting so much time reading status updates on facebook.
Next month I think I should make a list of goals that I can accomplish. Well heck I will begin my list right now.
1. Get a wedding planner book. Maybe I will find one at the bridal fair that I will attend this weekend.
2. clean off the table in my craft room
3. Actually finish one of the scarves that I have started
4. Pick a date in March to launch an open house for the new Spring and Summer Scentsy catalog that is coming out.
5. Start reading the book Cleo, it is about a Cat. My Mom is letting me borrow it.
So I think this is a good start....and I don't necessarily think I need to wait until Feb. 1st to start.
Hope you all have a good evening.
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